Agriscience & Industrial Technology

Course Offerings

Agriscience I

This course includes an introduction to agriculture, forestry, animal science, plant/soil science, agri-shop (woodworking, small engines, electrical wiring, light metals), as well as leadership develoment, training, and competitive judging through the FFA student organizations. 

Agriscience II

This  course includes leadership training, woodworking, welding, small engines, plant and soil science (horticulture) and an Hunter Education Certification. 


This course cover topics such as basic safety, communications skills, and introduction to construction drawing. Completing this curriculum gives the trainee the basic skills needed to continue education in any craft area he/she chooses. Students can earn the NCCER Core Certificate by successfully completing this program. 

NCCER Electrical I and II

The program prepares students for a career in the electrical field by teaching students how to install electrical systems and structures, install wiring and other electrical components, and follow blueprints and state and local codes. Students can earn the NCCER Electrical Level I Certificate.

Power Mechanics

This course prepares students for a career in operating, maintaining, and repairing small gasoline engines. The course introduces students to both four-cycle and two-cycle engines commonly used in outdoor power equipment. Emphasis is placed on the development of an understanding of principles and theories of small gasoline engine operations. Special emphasis is placed on troubleshooting and repair including rebuilding of small gasoline engines. Completing of the one-semester course prepares students for the Equipment and Engine Training Council exam in four-stroke technician. 

Ag NCCER Carpentry

This course covers basic carpentry terminology and develops technical aspects of carpentry with emphasis on development of introductory skills. This course helps apply essential standards and workplace readiness skills through authentic experiences.