Introduction to Business Computer Applications

Students will be introduced to the touch method of operating a computer keyboard to produce simple business documents. Emphasis is placed on basic computer concepts (hardward and software), word processing, and spreadsheet applications. Computer technology will be presented that could lead to th student's ability to obtain certification in basic information technology. Students can earn the PowerPoint certification upon successful completion of this course. 

Business Computer Applications

This course is desiged to acquaint students wil basic principles and terminologies associated with data information processing. It includes units in computer concepts and computer operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, database, and additional applications software. Students can earn Mircrosoft Excel and Mircosoft Word certifications up n successful completion of this course. 


This course is designed to introduce students to basic accounting theory and procedures along with current applications of computer technology in accounting.  Emphasis is placed on the mastery of basic accounting concepts and procedures.  Mathematical, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, technology, and team building skills are reinforced in this course. 

Customer Service

This course offers work-function skills standards for entry-level through first-line supervisory work in the retail, wholesale, personal services, and real estate industries. It also provides course work and exam qualification for industry credentials that facilitates career mobility for employees, jobseekers, and students, and is a means to help identify qualified professionals for employers.