Course Offerings

  • English I (Grade 9)

    English I focuses on the four types of literature:  the short story, poetry, modern & Shakespearean drama, and the novel.  Grammar and composition skills are practiced both independently and in conjunction with the four types of literature.  Vocabulary development continues throughout the year.

  • English I-Honors (Grade 9)

    This course goes into greater depth than average.  It focuses on the study of short story, poetry, modern and Shakespearean drama, and the novel along with the development of grammar and composition skills.  Reading comprehension is emphasized.  The course offers students a strong foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and basic writing skills. 

  • English II (Grade 10)

    English II is the second phase of a four-year English curriculum.  It involves a review of grammar, a post introductory phase of composition, modern drama, poetry, and the novel.  Students will write in the expository, narrative descriptive, and persuasive modes.

  • English II-Honors (Grade 10)

    Students will read various genres of literature such as short story, poetry, novel and modern drama with emphasis on comprehension, and appreciation of literary value.  The course provides an on-going study of vocabulary and grammar and includes special emphasis on composition.  Students will write in the expository, narrative, descriptive, and persuasive modes.

  • English III (Grade 11)

    English III is designed as a survey of the contributions of American authors to the world of literature.  This required course continues the development of vocabulary, grammar, and composition skills.  The students will be given the techniques for writing a term paper, and shown the methods of writing formal papers.

  • English III-Honors (Grade 11)

    This course focuses on the study of American literature.  Emphasis is given to continued development of writing ability along with the polishing of grammatical skills and the development of vocabulary.  Outside readings of American novels and related response to literature essays (literary analysis) will be required.

  • English IV (Grade 12)

    A student taking this course will be taught the fundamentals of grammar, with stress on the formation of sentences and style in writing compositions.  Vocabulary development will be an ongoing process.  British literature, which incorporates poetry, short stories, and drama will be studied in conjunction with composition and vocabulary development.  Related response to literature essays will be required.

  • English IV-Honors (Grade 12)

    This course focuses on the study of British literature.  Emphasis is given to the polishing of writing skills, including literary analysis.  Writing instruction is intended to prepare students to write successfully in all areas of the college curriculum.  Students will complete a term paper.

  • English 101 (College Credit Course)

    College credit courses are offered during the 2nd semester of a student's senior year.  If students meet all necessary criteria (ACT score and G.P.A.),  they are allowed to enroll in high school college on-site classes that are taught on the Cecilia High School campus.  A student can earn up to six hours of college credit when completing the college courses.  The college credit courses are offered through the University of Louisiana @ Lafayette.  Tuition for the courses is paid by St. Martin Parish School Board.