Family and Consumer Sciences

Course Offerings

Family & Consumer Science 

This course is an introduction to home economics. It is designed to assist the learner in personal resoure management, build positive self-concept, make informed choices in the market place, and give realistic,  hands-on experiences in a family setting. The course will have food and basic clothing demonstrations, along with several student labs. 

Child Development 

Students are introduced to parenting decisions and skills and to career opportunities in working with children.  The student will also become familiar with birth defects, immunizations, and routine care of the infant.  This course also places emphasis on the family as the foundation for a strong society in order to help the student be a better family member through developing better communication skills, in studying solutions to coping with family and societal problems, and to resolving conflicts.  

Nutrition and Food 

Students will learn good eating habits, essential nutrients the body needs, how to  use equipment, budgeting, and time management. The course will include both teacher demonstrations and student-led food labs. 

Culinary Occupation

The mission of this program is to prepare students for employment in the various culinary-related occupations by educating them in the fundamental concepts, knowledge and hands-on skills required in the culinary arts. 

Baking and Pastries

This course will cover the fundamentals of baking and pastry, including terminology, ingrediants, technology, equipment, recipe conversion, measurements, storage, and sanitation. Students will gain experience in using various mixing methods. Techniques in yeast and quick bread, pastry, pie, cookie, and dessert making and presentation will be covered.