Course Offerings

Physical Science and Physical Science Honors

Physical Science is the study of the major concepts of two sciences – chemistry and physics.  The first semester covers the chemistry aspect of the course. Topics covered include properties of matter, atomic theory, chemical elements and the periodic chart, chemical interactions, and organic chemistry.  The second semester is concerned with the physics portion of the course.  Topics covered are force and acceleration, motion, work, energy, waves, sound, light and lenses, the spectrum, electricity, and magnetism.

Biology I and Biology I Honors

This course is designed to give students a basic understanding of the nature of science in relation to plant and animal life. This course reintroduces the scientific method and concentrates on cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, reproduction and development, evolution, systematics, living systems, and ecology. 

Biology II 

Students cultivate their understanding of biology through inquiry-based investigations as they explore the following topics: evolution, cellular processes -- energy and communication,  genetics, information transfer, ecology, and interactions. 

Chemistry I 

This is course involves the development of major chemistry principles including the three phases of matter, the symbols and their uses, the mole, atomic structure and configuration, the periodic chart, chemical bonding, acids, bases and salts, and electric, nuclear and organic chemistry.  

Environmental Science 

This course prepares students to understand environmental issues that confront modern citizens. This course offers an in-depth coverage of topics of Earth's spheres and cycles, the development and succession of ecosystems, resource management, and environmental awareness and responsibility. 


Students learn the basic motions of the universe and the equations that describe them. Topics include Newtonian physics, thermal physics and fluid dynamics, waves and optics, electricity and magnetism, and atomic and nuclear physics.