Course Offerings

  • Physical Science (Grade 9)

    This course emphasizes the development of elementary chemistry and physics-related areas including measurement, atomic theory, organic chemistry, changes in matter, motion, heat energy, waves, optics, electricity, and radiation.

  • Physical Science-Honors (Grade 9)

    Beyond all developmental areas described in the regular physical science curriculum, this course will place an emphasis on problem-solving skills and strategies.  It will require specific writing and introduce laboratory tips and techniques common to more advanced scientific studies.  Periodically, candidates will conduct focused research from a variety of reference sources on current scientific topics of interest.

  • Biology I-Honors (Grade 10)

    This course involves the same subject matter as Biology I.  However students participate in more intense and in-depth study, involving hand-on activities and research projects.

  • Biology I (Grade 10)

    Biology I involves a comprehensive study of life from the microbiology level through the study of man using the basic principles that govern all living things.  Laboratory investigations develop skills for better understanding.  The following topics are covered:  biological methods, equipment, and laboratory techniques, basic processes of human life and the study of plant life; the study of the animal kingdom including invertebrates and vertebrates.

  • Biology II (Grades 11 &12)

    This is a college preparatory course which is offered as an elective science credit.  This course initially reintroduces the scientific method, the general organization and design of the human body, the principles of chemistry, cell biology, biochemistry, and genetics.  Students explore advanced topics selected from cellular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, genetics, microbiology, human anatomy, and physiology.  Each topic is accompanied by detailed lab work.  In addition, students will be required to do some research projects.

  • Environmental Science (Grades 11 & 12)

    This course is suggested as a third science course for the non-college bound student.  This course will emphasize the use of fundamental ecological concepts to illustrate the relationships of environmental problems and their possible solutions.

  • Chemistry I (Grades 11 & 12)

    This is a college-preparatory course which is offered as a third-year science course.  It involves the development of major chemistry principles including the three phases of matter, the symbols and their uses, the mole, atomic structure and configuration, the periodic chart, chemical bonding, acids, bases and salts, and electric, nuclear and organic chemistry.  (NOTE:  This course is part of the required courses in the T.O.P.S. core curriculum.)

  • Physics (Grade 12)

    This fourth year science course involves the development of major physics principles including mechanics, heat, optics, electricity, magnetism, quantum theory, and atomic physics.