Social Studies

Course Offerings


World Geography and World Geography Honors 

This course offers students a study of map skills, locations, physical features, land forms, climates, economies, and culture of the world. Current event issues related to the geogrpahical areas will be corrrelated with textbook materials to foster awareness among students. 

Civics and Civics Honors 

Civics is a course designed to offer students a study of the organization and operation of the national, state, and local governments of the United States of America. Also included is a study of the U. S. Constitution and the twenty-seven amendments. This course is designed to help students under their role as U.S. citizens. 

U. S. History and U. S. History Honors

This course is designed to offer students a detailed study of the United States beginning with the Industrialization Era carrying through to the present. Topics to be studied include key people, wars, economics and politics that have shaped our nation. U. S. History students will be required to complete studies of primary source documents. 

World History and World History Honors

This course involves the understanding of history of the world and is essential to the understanding of problems and issues in our day.  The challenge to the student is to be informed of the past events which have led up to the conditions of the world today.  This course is a very good course to prepare college-bound students to take college level world civilization courses.


This course is designed to introduce the student to the social science of human behavior -- its basic concepts and theories. In learning about human behavior, the student's ultimate goal should be self-understanding and self-evaluation.