Faculty and Staff

Email addresses are 


Nicole Usie, Principal
Ext. 3501

John Chevalier, Assistant Principal
Ext. 3504

Joshua Seth Ortego, Assistant Principal
Ext. 3508

Rachel Bergeron, Dean of Students
Ext. 3554

Front Office Staff

Kathy Guidry, Secretary 
Ext. 3505

Misty Fruge, Bookkeeper
Ext. 3507

English                            Math Science Social Studies
   Cheyenne Courville
   ext. 3532                 
Autumn Blanchard                                 

ext. 3515

 Travis Harrington                                     
ext. 3557
Matthew Autrey
ext. 3522
Latonia Cretian
ext. 3521
Jeanne Calais

ext. 3518

Brandi Joice
ext. 3542
Alex Durand
ext. 3559
Jill Guidroz
ext. 3551
Jason Faulk
ext. 3517
Stephen Knight
ext. 3556
Julianna Hebert
ext. 3529
Norma Harman
ext. 3536
April Laneaux
ext. 3516
Leslie Pitre
ext. 3555
 Rainie Hebert
ext. 3529
Kimberly Jefferson
ext. 3539
Mona Lewis
ext. 3535
Wanda Ray
ext. 3558
Dane Thibodeaux
ext. 3526
 Foreign Language  Business Ed.  Art and Music  Special Education
Jan Boney
ext. 3547
 Abby Angelle
ext. 3520
Jared Guidry
ext. 3548
 Jamie Calais
ext. 3528

Julian King
ext. 3545

 Cody Champagne
      Holly Huval
ext. 3527
      Melissa Huval
ext. 3534 
       Marty Lewis
ext. 3568
 Health and PE  Vocational  Library  
 Logan Duplechien
ext. 3531
 Francheska Cormier
ext. 3544
Manda Choate
ext. 3533(office)
ext. 3530(library front desk)
 Alex Durand
ext. 3559
Nicole Gerard
ext. 3553
Nathaniel Kelley
ext. 3525
 John Cramer
ext. 3549
ext. 3550(office)
Jasmine Narcisse
ext. 3566
 Dennis Skains
ext. 3561
 Custodial   ISS Cafeteria  
 Lisa Guidry
Clint Harrison
ext. 3565
Margie Soignier, cafeteria
ext. 3506
 Joe Gonzales      
 Lelia Wiltz
 Patricia Joseph      
 Sandra Alexander